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About Me

My name is Greg and I am currently a Graduate student/assistant in the department of Statistics at the University of Connecticut. I love learning about and teaching statistics. I know that many people think statistics is just an extra confusing branch of math, but I view statistics as the study of how we make decisions. We make decisions everyday, how can that not be interesting?!

In addition to studying statistics, I love working out and specifically I love the sport of wrestling. I competed in wrestling for nine amazing years of my life. Now I am a coach for the UConn club wrestling team and in the winter I also work as a referee for middle school and high school wrestling events in the state of Connecticut.

Do you want to learn more about what kind of statistics I study? Check out my Research page!

Are you interested in seeing what my classes are like? Check out my Teaching page!

Do you have questions for me? Then you can find my contact info on the Contact page!